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Who Wood do such a Thing?

If you asked me if I would look forward to a trip around Australia in a bus I would say ” Hell Yeah Man! Lets Go!”  If you aked me if I would look forward to a bus trip around Australia with a family of 5 boys I would have to say…ummm…not really…actually NO!  But for Lisa and David Woods, and the bus, this is their dream….and they are in the process of making this dream become a reality.

Enter The Bus

It all began when Lisa took some intiative and purchased a slightly rusty old Bedford bus off ebay. Instant life changing event! So much for consulting your partner (hint hint nudge nudge).  Since then they have been renovating and modifying their chariot ‘de getusthere’  in preparation for it’s epic journey around this great expanse of dirt of ours, which is Australia.

Controlling The Masses

The logistics of keeping the peace between 5 boys must be a nightmare, and to do this in the confined space of a bus will take some serious loving manulation. Lisa must have a huge repetoire of  negotiation skills and travel games to quell/ please the crowd, or else pack bucket loads of primetime tucker! By the way, if you were wondering…. I only know Spotto (aka blue number plate PUNCH! haha  🙂 and EyeSpy (BOO!)

Big News!

Make no mistake, this trip is happening…like now!  The bus, the family, and the obstacles have been featured in a special press release report in the Caloundra Newspaper, big time news my friends. You may not be able to buy this paper but you can read the real time, no BS  blog of  ‘Rose the lifestyle challenge bus’  and the associated up’s and down’s of a family holiday…as they happen! If you would like to see how this saga unfolds and be part of the journey you can follow David and Lisa at their website “New life on the Road” , check it out!  Happy days my friend.


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