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Camping WA-Setting The Scene

Every Easter huge schools of salmon decide it would be a good idea to head north along the WA coast to find themselves some loving. Beaches along the southcoast that are normally barron wastelands of nothingness suddenly come alive with copious quantities of massive, hard fighting sportfish…and keen anglers who want their piece of the action. If you have ever been camping at the Warren beach in Pemberton WA you know what I mean. Rough 4×4 tracks+massive sand dunes+bulk fish+alcohol= nothing less than a crazy beach fishing adventure!

Getting There is Half the Fun!

If you have never been 4 wheel driving on the coast…don’t even think of going to the Warren. This is bordering extreme 4wd! Swags, check, beer, check, fishing rods, check, beer, check, shovel, check, beer, check…right lets roll!

I’m now going to give you the secret map to get in….ready…no bloody way haha! Actually you can download a map here…secret warren river map . One tip…don’t be a clown, let your tyres down…hard tyres just stuff the tracks for everyone.

You Want Some… Come Get Some!

When it’s on…it’s on! Australian Salmon hit like ton of bricks. Minimal fishing skill is required. When these boys are hungry…they basically commit suicide on your hooks and will smash at anything shiny in the water. It’s so easy even a little girl can do it. Remember to open your beer before you cast because you wont get a chance after, and its thirsty work reeling in a ADHD torpedo!

Getting Out Aint Easy

The tracks are often totally chopped up and rough as guts. Shove it in third low and valve bounce it to the top..well thats the plan. She’s been a long dry summer and the sand is softer than Hugh Hefner without viagra…sorry Hef, you are my idol but its true. Five attempts later and under half a tank of go juice left we decide take Yeagerup track out. Man it was hard too…we only just managed to escape the evil clutches of the sand demon here too. Others were not so lucky and had to resort to the Nanna track at Malimup…haha suckers. Oh yeah…don’t be a lazy prick and pump your tyres up! Check out the vid below of what happens if you dont….

It’s Just Never Enough

Once you have been you just always want to go back. This is one of the highlights of the year….man against wild, getting down and dirty,back to basics. Escaping all the drama’s and stress of modern life and just turning into a feral for a few days. Man I just love it. Ugg! (rips off shirt and beats chest with fist). So if your into a bit of rough riding than this is the trip for you. Camping WA?  You betcha!


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