Guess what?

“Your going a Harley weekend with the boys” What!! Your kidding right? “Nope its all booked and payed for, enjoy” Those words still ring fresh in my ears. You could not wipe the colgate smile from my face. It was madness! My good friend had gone and organised a weekend away for me riding a Harley Davidson up the west coast of WA with two bro’s…no kids, no women…just three blokes and three hogs. How she did it I don’t know, but all I had to do was pack some leather and head to West Coast Harley Davidson motorbike hire and pick up my scooter for a full weekend of thrills.


On your bike

The fatboy or the streetbob…mmm…love terminator so I will go the low riding, sleek, loud fat mother with the glistening chrome thanks. And was it loud you say…the slash pipes turn heads on both sides of the street if thats any indication. Was it fast you say…instructions were, if you are doing more than forty over the limit and the monarchs nabbed you, may as well open her up and give it a shot cause the penalties are the same. Ha Harr…I like the way these boys think. Press button start and the rumble begun, as did our adventurous weekend of pure testosterone fueled fun.

How does it feel?

If you have never experienced riding a motorbike, especially a Harley, I will try to explain it for you. Your invincible…the road is yours, you own it, your faster more manouverable and a damn site sexier than the sheep in metal coffins. The wind is in your hair and you are free. Your taming a huge rumbling beast of a bike and you know it, the power feels good. You wont get this adrenaline rush off a moped..if your going to do it you gotta do it big!

The Boys light up

So this was friday night when the adventure began, reeling our three bikes through the unsuspecting streets of Perth heading on our pilgramage north. Final destination was to be Kalbarri where we would camp up and partake of some well earned larger. Next day was to retrace our steps and return the bikes. Now I am sure you all want to know what happened between friday and sunday night yeah? Well…I can tell you this, what happens away stays away. Secret mens business and thats how it is.

So where can I hire me a hog

Want to get yourself  a piece of the action. I bet you do. In Perth the place to go is WestCoast bikes..they specialise in Harley Davidson motorbike hire. Prices are resonable and the guys are dudes. Don’t lay your ride down though because the excess is heavy…like 5K heavy! Don’t let that put you off , the experience is well worth it! A big thank you to my friend Bek who organised the ride for me, and to my fellow bikers Baz and Paddy, a great weekend! Cheers crew \m/


Camping WA-Setting The Scene

Every Easter huge schools of salmon decide it would be a good idea to head north along the WA coast to find themselves some loving. Beaches along the southcoast that are normally barron wastelands of nothingness suddenly come alive with copious quantities of massive, hard fighting sportfish…and keen anglers who want their piece of the action. If you have ever been camping at the Warren beach in Pemberton WA you know what I mean. Rough 4×4 tracks+massive sand dunes+bulk fish+alcohol= nothing less than a crazy beach fishing adventure!

Getting There is Half the Fun!

If you have never been 4 wheel driving on the coast…don’t even think of going to the Warren. This is bordering extreme 4wd! Swags, check, beer, check, fishing rods, check, beer, check, shovel, check, beer, check…right lets roll!

I’m now going to give you the secret map to get in….ready…no bloody way haha! Actually you can download a map here…secret warren river map . One tip…don’t be a clown, let your tyres down…hard tyres just stuff the tracks for everyone.

You Want Some… Come Get Some!

When it’s on…it’s on! Australian Salmon hit like ton of bricks. Minimal fishing skill is required. When these boys are hungry…they basically commit suicide on your hooks and will smash at anything shiny in the water. It’s so easy even a little girl can do it. Remember to open your beer before you cast because you wont get a chance after, and its thirsty work reeling in a ADHD torpedo!

Getting Out Aint Easy

The tracks are often totally chopped up and rough as guts. Shove it in third low and valve bounce it to the top..well thats the plan. She’s been a long dry summer and the sand is softer than Hugh Hefner without viagra…sorry Hef, you are my idol but its true. Five attempts later and under half a tank of go juice left we decide take Yeagerup track out. Man it was hard too…we only just managed to escape the evil clutches of the sand demon here too. Others were not so lucky and had to resort to the Nanna track at Malimup…haha suckers. Oh yeah…don’t be a lazy prick and pump your tyres up! Check out the vid below of what happens if you dont….

It’s Just Never Enough

Once you have been you just always want to go back. This is one of the highlights of the year….man against wild, getting down and dirty,back to basics. Escaping all the drama’s and stress of modern life and just turning into a feral for a few days. Man I just love it. Ugg! (rips off shirt and beats chest with fist). So if your into a bit of rough riding than this is the trip for you. Camping WA?  You betcha!

One night while we having a few merry ales we came up with this idea that it would be a good fun holiday to fly to Darwin from Western Australia and hire a Wicked Van to cruise around in. They looked like heaps of fun and they always had cool happy critters driving them..looking lost. It sounded awesome so we booked it, and six months later we were there! 

Our Wicked Van

Finding the van hire place was easy and the dude behind the counter was a real help with directions and stuff. We were soon mobile in our ABBA van on the Stuart highway cruising out towards Berry Springs. What a beautiful spot to just kick back and relax. Laying back in the cool water with a cold can…small waterfalls just trickling over you… yep..it’s good.

Wangi Falls

After spending half a day here we decided to head further into Litchfield National Park and visit Wangi Falls. Camping there was great. It had toilets, showers and a communial bbq/ gather around the firepit area. Cheap too, only $3.30 per person per night, for real!

Next morning we wandered down to the falls and were blown away. Absolutely fantastic! and no crocs…even better. At the time I remeber thinking, I could stay here forever… but… we were on limited time and had to see more so we ventured further to Buley rock pools.

Buley Rock Pools

Again..bloody fantastic! Crack a cold can and into the water..ahh this is the lotto life man. No matter were you seem to go there is just another little slice of paradise waiting to be discovered.

We camped the night at Florence Falls, no where near as good as Wangi with just basic camping bays and a fire ring with barbie plate. Next day we walked down to the falls and spent another lazy morning just enjoying the swimming and scenery. About lunchtime we headed out of Litchfield and drove over to the Adelaide river to do the jumping croc tour.

Adelaide River Jumping Croc Tour

The cruise on the river takes about half an hour but only cost’s like thirty bucks, dirt cheap! and the crocs are everywhere man…do not swim in this river whatever you do! The eagles and hawk looking  birds were also pretty cool.

Well since we only had the van for three days we decided to head back to Darwin and book into a flash joint have a decent feed and pamper ourselves a bit. What a great holiday and cheers to our little Abba Wicked Van…you rocked!

Who Wood do such a Thing?

If you asked me if I would look forward to a trip around Australia in a bus I would say ” Hell Yeah Man! Lets Go!”  If you aked me if I would look forward to a bus trip around Australia with a family of 5 boys I would have to say…ummm…not really…actually NO!  But for Lisa and David Woods, and the bus, this is their dream….and they are in the process of making this dream become a reality.

Enter The Bus

It all began when Lisa took some intiative and purchased a slightly rusty old Bedford bus off ebay. Instant life changing event! So much for consulting your partner (hint hint nudge nudge).  Since then they have been renovating and modifying their chariot ‘de getusthere’  in preparation for it’s epic journey around this great expanse of dirt of ours, which is Australia.

Controlling The Masses

The logistics of keeping the peace between 5 boys must be a nightmare, and to do this in the confined space of a bus will take some serious loving manulation. Lisa must have a huge repetoire of  negotiation skills and travel games to quell/ please the crowd, or else pack bucket loads of primetime tucker! By the way, if you were wondering…. I only know Spotto (aka blue number plate PUNCH! haha  🙂 and EyeSpy (BOO!)

Big News!

Make no mistake, this trip is happening…like now!  The bus, the family, and the obstacles have been featured in a special press release report in the Caloundra Newspaper, big time news my friends. You may not be able to buy this paper but you can read the real time, no BS  blog of  ‘Rose the lifestyle challenge bus’  and the associated up’s and down’s of a family holiday…as they happen! If you would like to see how this saga unfolds and be part of the journey you can follow David and Lisa at their website “New life on the Road” , check it out!  Happy days my friend.